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Sylvia started designing websites in 1996 when ICQ was all the rage. Architecture and Planning took center stage while she honed her project management skills on large urban development projects. She translated her project management skills to the entertainment industry for a season through Act One, Hollywood Above the Line. She is now focused on her consulting work as an Architect and an Urban Planner.

DNS Change Virus, TDSS, Alureon, TidServ and TDL4 viruses

If you are wondering about the rumors you’ve heard on the possibility of losing internet service on Monday July 9, 2012, you have come to the right place. They are not rumors, they are a reality. On Monday July 9th … Continue reading

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Latest Project: Advanced Skin Care of San Luis Obispo

My latest web publishing project based on the WordPress framework is a website for Mary O’Brien Maloney, Licensed Skin Care Specialist at Advanced Skin Care of San Luis Obispo. A life long resident of San Luis Obispo, Mary O’Brien Maloney … Continue reading

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Mac Flashback Trojan – FREE Tools for Mac Trojan Removal

Apple was in the news lately, and it was not because of record sales of the new iPad or because of an increase in value of its stock. It was because a malicious trojan had infected tens of thousands of … Continue reading

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The Amazing VLC Media Player (VideoLan)

This little known player is the wonder open source media player that is nimble, reliable and all around robust to play, encode and decode all types of media files. I just cannot get enough of it! I recently inherited a … Continue reading

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Latest Web Project:

My latest web publishing project based on the WordPress framework is a website for Don Toshach, the Wedding Rev. Based out of San Clemente, Don Toshach is an ordained minister with a theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is … Continue reading

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Remove Win 7 Internet Security 2012 and Win 7 Antivirus 2012 in 3 STEPS

Our home network recently suffered a Win 7 Internet Security 2012 infection, and it was a rather inconvenient annoyance to say the least. The worst part was that it was on a system for which I have no restore disks, … Continue reading

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PHP Includes: URL File-Access is Disabled in the Server Configuration

I recently updated the PHP version I am using on all of the websites for one of my clients only to discover in horror that the php include tag to display external content gave an error message: Warning: include() [function.include]: … Continue reading

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DELL Desktops and Laptops – Install Order Guide

The following list is an overview of the correct order to install drivers on Dell desktops and portables. After reinstalling Microsoft® Windows®, follow the order listed when reinstalling drivers. It is recommended that you print this list for reference when … Continue reading

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Your Hard Drive – Disk Diagnostic Utilities

One of the hard drives for a laptop I was refurbishing, began to show signs of bad sectors, I decided to run diagnostic tests using OEM utilities. I was able to get the Seagate SeaTools and Hitachi Drive Fitness Test … Continue reading

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Maximum Memory on a Dell Inspiron 2650 Laptop

I recently sold my Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop. It was a rather emotional transaction. I bought it in 2003, and it was instrumental in my growth as a designer. It saw me through the last leg of my education as … Continue reading

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