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FREE Mac Flashback Trojan Removal ToolApple was in the news lately, and it was not because of record sales of the new iPad or because of an increase in value of its stock. It was because a malicious trojan had infected tens of thousands of Mac computers worldwide. The culprit was the Flashback Trojan.

It exploits a vulnerability in its operating system and a vulnerability in the version of java installed on a Mac computer. There are several ways to resolve the problem depending on how tech savvy you are.

The Most Simple Solution to Remove the Mac Flashback Trojan

The most simple solution to remove the Mac Flashback Trojan is to run the Apple updates, and you can read about the latest updates and where to get them here:

Use a FREE Tool to remove the Apple Flashback trojan

You can also use an alternative method to remove the Apple Flashback Trojan. You can also run a free tool developed by F-secure, and you can download it from their website. also offers more robust anti-virus solution for Macs for a fee, but the Flashback Trojan removal tool is free. You can simply download and install from this link:

How to use the tool:

1) Download to the Mac machine you want to scan.
2) Double-click the zip package to unzip it in the current folder.
3) Double-click the FlashBack Removal app to run the tool.
4) Follow the instructions to check your system and clean any infections.

Advanced method of detecting the Mac Flashback Trojan Virus

For the computer savvy, you can detect the Flashback Trojan on your system by running the terminal mode on your system and pasting the following lines of code one by one:

defaults read /Applications/ LSEnvironment
defaults read /Applications/ LSEnvironment
defaults read ~/.MacOSX/environment DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES

If you have not been infected, you will get no response after you enter the first line, so you go on and enter the next line of code. If your mac has been infected by the Flashback trojan, the system will respond after each line of code showing the location of the trojan.

I hope this helps my friends who are Mac users out there. If you have any issues, just drop me a line.

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